Real Estate Training: The 5 Fundamental Activities

Training is like Rowing Against the Tide: As soon as you bow, you back off.

A new up-to-date real estate training is needed today. We all know that continual training is part of being a professional, but time cannot be wasted in training just to remember what one already knows in a different way.

You need to attend a training that leaves you surprised and motivated. You need something new that you have never heard of or have heard but have no idea.

Do you have problems of attracting clients and properties? You do not have enough budget to maintain your activity? Have you been hearing promises for several months? You are not alone.

Thousands of real estate agents share your same situation and some of them have found the solution to their problems.

The solution is called ” New Real Estate Training” and its result is fame, money and glory to be achieved in 3-4 months. Do you join the challenge? Yes? Quiet and not so fast, because you still do not know what this Miraculous Plan of Tajarat properties consists of.

This plan entails a new form of real estate training. Do you have what it takes? Because this plan requires investing your budget in a different way, being honest with yourself by keeping your own promises.

It requires a lot of paper and pencil, concentration, perseverance (only a couple of months), and a lot of coffee. Do you want to train as God intended and do it fast? Roll up your shirt because we started.

Your objective should be clear and crystalline: “Within 3 months I will be closing 1 sale a month, every month.”   From the 6th month I will be selling 1.5 properties per month and the 9th month I will be selling 2 properties per month, every month. Which means x dollars in my bank account in 12 months and a grin from ear to ear.

I am not giving you false expectations or making you believe that the world is round. Other real estate agents in your same situation   have put it into practice and today enjoy a fee that their partners wonder if they are not involved in real estate extortion.

The Real Estate Training plan, aka “the Miracle Plan,” has its trick. And the trick is, my friend, that for 60 days you are going to have to think differently.

You must open your mind to new ideas, because; Believe it or not, the way most agencies and agents sell real estate today is out of date and that is why many homeowners choose to sell their properties themselves. The training in real estate requires a new approach.

This new training in real estate consists of carrying out 5 Activities that will change your business model, that is, the way you attract clients.

You do not have to carry out these activities in the order described. I only mention them so that you can perceive everything that the real estate sector has changed and ask yourself: why is this new knowledge not taught in face-to-face courses?

Real Estate Training. Your List of Keywords.

First Activity: You have to Create a List of Keywords for your particular Business in your area of ​​activity. Today 90% of people selling or buying a property first go to the Internet to find information. If they don’t find your business, your advertising is not fulfilling its objective.

Think about how a person would search for information online about a property in your area and those are the keywords that you should use in your ads, in the titles of your properties and in the description of your properties.

For example, a person from Guadalajara who goes to live in Querétaro would   type on his PC: “apartments for sale in Querétaro”; “Apartments for rent in Querétaro”; “Querétaro apartments for sale”; etc. You could even search: “apartments in Santiago de Querétaro”.

Let’s suppose that you do not work in all of Querétaro or that you do not work in the centre of Querétaro, but in Juriquilla, in the northern area of ​​Querétaro or in the eastern area.

In this case, in addition to the previous keywords, you must get the keywords that are an association between “department” and each of the neighbourhoods in your area. These are the key words that you must use for Google to help you find yourself.

Real Estate Training: Your Free Reports.

Second activity.   Publish 1 or 2 Free Reports, upload them to the Internet and promote them with a Capture Page.  Today, to sell you have to build credibility about yourself before the customer contacts you.

The free reports are precisely to achieve this goal. A reasonably well-written free report, under the rules of content marketing, will produce more than 100 requests for information in 1-2 months.

Don’t you know what a Capture Page, a Free Report or content marketing is? I’m sorry they didn’t explain it to you when you got your real estate license, but you have to learn what they are if you want to capture online.

If you depend only on real estate portals, you will not sell quickly, and you may not even sell. Uploading property to a portal is what everyone does. Of course, you must also publish your properties in the portals, but not only there.

The success in the recruitment is in using various online media. You will never know which means your clients prefer to request information.

“On the other hand, with the free reports you will ensure that when they see your ad you have more chances, many more, of being contacted.

Keep in mind that one thing is the impressions, (the times they have seen your ad online) and others are the clicks that are made on your ad. Do you want clicks? it gives something of value in exchange for that click”.

Real Estate Training: Your Real Estate Blog.

Third activity. Create a real estate blog on your website and write interesting articles 1-2 times a week that have informative and educational value for clients who want to buy or sell a property in your area or city. What don’t you like to write? What do you not have writing skills?

Well, I’m very sorry, but that’s the toll you have to pay to increase your traffic in 4-6 months to your website and gain credibility. You have to learn to write short articles including the keywords you selected in activity # 1.

A real estate blog will bring you the best clients you can have, for the simple fact that you have already generated credibility and demonstrated your knowledge.

The potential customer who contacts you because he has read one of the articles on your blog is a customer who buys insurance and buys radio.

Of these you can get about 6 clients a year. Do your numbers and you will see that it is worth writing. The best thing about a blog is that it is a medium where you do not pay for advertising.

Real Estate Training: Your Ads in Classifieds.

Fourth Activity. Create a strategy for publishing on portals and classifieds sites and publish at least 10 ads on 50 classifieds sites and / or portals large and small. Busy? And does this work? Well yes, it gives a result that will surprise you if you know how to write 50–100-word ads.

Include benefits in your descriptions and not just features. Some of my students get 15-30 or more applications a month by posting on portals and classifieds. Sometimes they exceed the figure of 50 classifieds and / or portals.

Let’s do numbers. Suppose you have 4 properties for sale and a low budget. With this budget you can only advertise on 3 portals to which you can upload all your properties.

Well, write 2 similar announcements for each huge with a different headline, photos and text we already have 8 ads online. Ads that we assume are well written with keywords and suggestive text.

Classified sites are free with a paid option. As your presumptuous is little, you have to look for 30 classified sites, (I assure you there are, so look for them), and advertise in them.

We already have 2 similar ads for immeasurable; so now we can publish 4 x 2 x 30 = 240 ads to which we add the 8 of the portals. Better to have 240 ads posted than 24 ads.

Real Estate Training: Your Online Marketing Plan e.

Fifth Activity. You must prepare an online marketing plan that includes the use of all means to promote your blog, (not your website), and your Capture Page: social networks, search engines, real estate portals, blog and especially classified sites.

Of course, I understand that for this you must know how to prepare that marketing plan, something that I cannot explain in just one article. I’ll give some information on how this plan is created in the next few weeks.

But that is not all. you must prepare a business plan where you describe step by step how you are going to carry out:

1.- Recruitment

2.- The preparation of the properties before marketing them.

3.- Marketing, (your previous online marketing plan).

4.- the negotiation that includes how to show a home, how to argue the benefits of the property for the potential buyer, how to help him / her get a mortgage loan or better than he / she can get it and the legal part of the sale and purchase transaction.

These are the 5 activities that you must carry out to be successful in this sector quickly. It all comes down to learning new skills and knowing what to learn. To invest time in some quality training. The Internet is an excellent medium to learn and you have to be willing to learn new techniques in real estate training.

The good news is that you   can learn what you need to create a continuous flow of customers in about 6-8 weeks, and to maintain that flow you will need a few more months. So, it’s time to start learning and leave certain business habits behind.

I would appreciate if you left us your opinion about this article. Do you think these are the 5 activities to carried out in nova city rawalpindi? Your opinion interests us.