15 things that you need to avoid in Casablanca

Introduction :

Casablanca is a beautiful city where people live happily and peacefully, but that does not mean that it stays this way all the time things can get nasty at any time, even if you don’t want them to be. Being careful is a very beneficial thing for everyone. People and the law of Casablanca are polite, but when someone tries to do something that is not according to their will or is against the law, things can get pretty much spoiled and ruin your trip to Casablanca. Here are some don’ts of Casablanca that one should be very careful.

Do Not talk bad About the King. 

While in Casablanca City, if you find something that is not according to your mood and it’s not of the likes of you, then do not talk anything bad about the King because just saying anything bad against him will cause you so much trouble that if someone reports you, then they will send you to the jail. If you speak privately, then the time for imprisonment will be of one year, but if you speak publicly, the time-frame will increase from one to three years.

Don’t carry around your passport.

Don’t carry around your passport, cash, or any other valuables with you every time. Keep them safe in the wallet or the locker provided by the hotel management in your room. It’s just because you can easily lose them while walking in the street or someone thief can take them away from you while you are in a place where there are so many people over there.

Don’t carry more than 1000 Dirham. 

Don’t think that you can carry more than 1000 Dirham with you back to your country because it’s just a close currency, and the government does not allow somebody to take the currency out of the kingdom.

Homosexuality is illegal

Homosexuality is illegal in Casablanca because the country itself follows the strict rules of Religion Islam. If someone is found to be involved in homosexuality, they will be sent to prison. So if you plan to visit Casablanca as a Gay or Lesbian couple, then it’s better to drop the idea right away.

Beware, unmarried men and women!

Unmarried women and men are not allowed to have sexual relationships, so if you think you can hang out with some beautiful lady in the City of Casablanca, that’s not going to happen.

Do Not hire a local guide. 

Please don’t hire a local person as a guide because they will scam you for your safety because the chances are high. The police are always checking for the locals who are trying to scam the tourists for this purpose. When some local is found with a foreigner, they investigate them both, asking for the marriage certificate or other documents showing that they are married. Otherwise, the local can be taken into custody as well as you also can be investigated.

Do Not carry the Arabic version of The Holy Bible.

It is illegal to carry the Arabic version of The Holy Bible in Casablanca Morocco. You can take any other version of the Bible but not the Arabic. It’s just because the government doesn’t want the people to change their religion.

Avoid Alcohol 

Alcohol is a big No in Casablanca because of the Religious people there. Alcohol is illegal in Casablanca, so don’t think you can purchase alcohol just like in the western country.

Don’t accept any offer from a stranger.

Don’t accept any offer by a stranger; it’s just that some people can come to you and say that they are offering their products free of cost. If you accept them, most of them will be drugs so that you can get caught. It’s better to always say no to the unwanted offer from the locals.

Be careful on Roads 

Don’t think that you are safe on the roads. It’s just t like every other city in the world; Casablanca also has some ongoing dangers. When you go outside on the street, many taxi drivers are always ready to scam you. They will ask you for the high fares than usual it’s still a better option to get a hard copy of the fixed form fares at the airport.

Avoid driving in the city. 

Don’t drive in Casablanca because there are stringent rules on the roads you will not be able to cope with the challenges the chances are very high that you will make a mistake that later on you have to pay for that in the form of a fine or sometimes by going to jail.

Don’t be rude to the residents. 

Please don’t be rude to the people in Casablanca because generally, they are charming people but once triggered, they can be worse than anything you have ever encountered. They are locals. They can be freed quickly; the problem will be only for you because you are a foreigner, so it’s better not to be offensive or rude towards them.

Do not take pictures of the military bases.

Do not take pictures of the military bases or something that is somehow related to the military in one way or the other it’s illegal to take pictures of armed places; it is against the law, and if you get caught, you can be punished so hard for that, so it’s better not to.

Avoid carrying Drugs 

Don’t think that you can carry drugs with you, even it’s a weed, just like everywhere, it’s illegal to carry drugs in Casablanca. If you get caught with the drugs, you can be heavily fined or go to jail for the act of drugs.

Avoid sharing any personal information. 

Do not think that you can share any personal information with some local in Casablanca even if you are so much closer to them when things get bad; they will turn that information against you. Still, you will be helpless that information will turn into your weaknesses.

Concluding words 

Casablanca is a very tempting place. Going there is a good thing to do, but be careful and keep in mind all of the don’ts. We are sure that this guide will help you stay safe and make your trip memorable.